Solicitud POST


An API POST request (also known as an HTTP POST request) is an API transaction where the API requestor submits data to the API provider with the intention of updating, creating, or deleting an existing API resource. API POST requests are typically used when a particular API resource needs to be created, updated, or deleted by sending data to the API provider. An example of an API POST request is sending a set of coordinates to the API provider at UnwiredLabs.

UnwiredLabs has an API which provides coordinates data based on cellular/WiFi data. By using an API POST request, developers can submit coordinates to the API and a complete geolocation data set will be returned. For example, an API POST request could look like this:


     "token": "YOUR_TOKEN_HERE",
     "wifi": [
        "signal": -67,
        "key": "abcd4567891123456"
        "key": "dfe5447678911234",
           "signal": -64
     "address": 1

In this example, the API POST request is sending the UnwiredLabs API a set of wifi access points along with a boolean indicating whether or not address information should be included in the response. The API will then return a complete geolocation data set which includes latitude, longitude, altitude, and accuracy.