Bearing refers to the direction in which an object or a person is moving or facing. It is usually measured in degrees, with 360 degrees representing a full circle.

For example, if you are facing north, your bearing is 0 degrees or 360 degrees. If you turn to face east, your bearing is 90 degrees. If you turn further to face south, your bearing is 180 degrees. And if you turn to face west, your bearing is 270 degrees.

Another example is in navigation, where a sailor might use bearings to plot a course on a map. By determining the bearing of a landmark, such as a lighthouse, the sailor can determine their position relative to that landmark and navigate accordingly.

Bearing can also be used in sports, such as in basketball where players need to aim for the basket in a certain direction based on their position on the court and the position of the defenders.

Overall, bearing is a useful way to describe the direction in which an object or person is moving or facing, and it has practical applications in a variety of fields.